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DIY Acoustic Treatment Worksheet

Our Buyer’s guide worksheet is a DIY acoustic treatment solution for anybody looking for their own solution to an acoustic problem. For a beginner, soundproofing may seem complicated. This worksheet will walk you through the steps to help you determine your acoustical needs.

Know Your Space’s Limitations:

DIY acoustic treatment starts with creating a plan for your project and knowing the limitations of your space. It is important to know how large your room is and what you can and cannot do to it. For example, some projects require removing walls and refinishing them while others simply require installing one screw into your wall. You need to know how extensive your project is going to be in order to better plan and budget for it.

Diagnose Your Sound Issue:

Now that you have an understanding of your space, the next step is to diagnose the type of sound issue that you are experiencing. There are two distinct sound issues that create a need for acoustic treatment. The first issue is the need for sound absorption and the second is the need for sound isolation. Sound absorption products are useful if you need to control the sound within your space, while sound isolation products are useful if you are trying to block outside noise from coming into your room. Knowing which sound issue you have will make your DIY acoustic treatment project much easier.

Select the Proper Acoustical Products:

After you understand your noise problem, you will then be able to select the proper acoustical products. Our DIY acoustic treatment worksheet will narrow down the products you can select from based on your specific sound problem. The product you select will be based on your budget and your aesthetic environment. This worksheet will also help you calculate the amount of acoustical coverage needed, so when you are ready to place your order, you will know exactly how much product to purchase.

Once you have filled out this DIY acoustic treatment worksheet, you should feel confident about the products you need to complete your project. However if you are still unsure about the solution that is right for you, give us a call 1.866.505.MUTE and one of our Acoustic Specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

diy acoustic treatment worksheet