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Explore all your Echo Reduction Options with no risk. Try a Deluxe Sample Kit, an all-inclusive introduction to Audimute's Acoustical Products, including a full rebate.
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Fabrics, colors, and images may be slightly different from what you see on your monitor. Image panel sample kits and fabric samples are also available; review all sample options here. Sample packs come with a rebate equal to the cost of the sample which you may apply to your first panel order!

Deluxe Sample Pack

Echo Reduction with Acoustic Panels: Explore the Possibilities

Audimute Acoustic Panels offers several types of highly effective, professional-grade acoustic treatments for echo reduction, noise control and other common acoustic issues.

Our all-inclusive Deluxe Sample Kit gives you the opportunity to see and touch all of your acoustic treatment options before making a decision -- and the full rebate makes the choice risk-free.

Choose Acoustic Art Panels for adding a personalized, artistic flair to any space. Choose from our pre-approved nature and landscape, travel, music and theater, or art collections, or submit your own photo or logo to be printed on your echo reduction panels. Acoustic Art Panels are our most decorative acoustic treatment option.

Alternatively, coated natural eco-C-tex acoustic material offers an equally effective, though different approach. Essentially a frameless, fabric-less acoustic panel, eco-C-tex can be coated with a color of your choice for a finished, professional look that complements your existing interior design. Choose eco-C-tex for superior echo reduction without all the bells and whistles.

Both echo reduction panel options feature a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 1.0: perfect sound absorption.

Included in your Deluxe Sample Kit:

  • Fully finished 1' x 1' Acoustical Art Panel
  • Coated eco-C-tex Acoustical Material, demonstrating both finished and unfinished sides
  • $35 rebate, covering the full cost of the Sample Kit when you place an order with us
  • Illustrated brochure
  • A panel clip, our preferred hanging method
  • Standard and Designer Fabric Swatches
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Standard Acoustical Panels:

 Installation Instructions

View our installation instructions page

Available colors/patterns: 11, depending on availability

Available panel sizes: 

Sample Panels: 2” thickness: 1’ x 1’. Sample panels in any size can be made at request (additional charges may apply).

2” thickness: 1’ x 2’, 1’ x 3’, 1’ x 4’, 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 3’, 2’ x 4’, 3’ x 3’, Custom

4” thickness: 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 3’, 2’ x 4’, Custom

Mounting/Installation: panel clips (recommended for walls) or corner mount

Care Instructions: Standard Care Label W-S. Clean with water based cleaning agents, foam or pure, water free solvents. Vacuuming or light brushing is recommended to prevent dust and soil buildup. 

Cover Materials / Fabric:

 Acoustical Performance - NRC 1.0

 Flammability – ASTM E84 Class A

 Material Composition – 100% recycled polyester - a blend of post-consumer recycled polyester (73%-100%) and pre-consumer recycled polyester (0%-23%) 

Absorption Material - proprietary eco-C-tex:

 Acoustical Performance - NRC 1.0

 Flammability – ASTM E84 Class A

 Material Composition – a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers (the majority of which is post-consumer recycled newspaper!)

 Health – Completely safe, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic

Frame (internal):

 Lightweight steel, 100% recyclable


Panel Clips: 1 clip per panel included (we recommend purchasing additional clips if you plan to mount panels with a 3’ span or greater horizontally to the floor)

Corner Mount: available separately (see our Mounting Hardware section)

Sound lab Report

View our sound lab report