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Industrial Warehouse Soundproofing

Audimute understands the importance of workplace safety for our own job site and our customers. We love working with warehouses and industrial locations and seeing them take responsibility of their employee’s hearing health. That’s why we’ve made it our business to provide top of the line industrial soundproofing panels for walls to make it easy to incorporate sound safety into every workplace without intruding on day to day business. Cost efficient and customizable, our Fabric Acoustic Panels install fast and match seamlessly for any size application.

When it comes to industrial and high traffic locations, space is important. All of our panels are available in custom sizes and widths as condensed as .5 inches for the thinnest wall layering available in acoustic treatments. Choose our AcoustiColor® Panels available in the full range of Sherwin Williams paint choices for a solution that stands out and shows your sound safety.

Our panels carry impressive sound ratings, with our half-inch panels reaching a .5 NRC. This rating reflects our panel’s ability to absorb 50% of the echo, reverberation, and mid to high range frequencies. Absorbing these noises leaves fewer sound waves to bounce from hard surface to hard surface which is very overwhelming to ears and as you know distractions can lower productivity of workers.

Our industrial soundproofing panels are class A Fire Rated for safety in commercial space applications. Made from our signature eco-C-tex™ recycled blend, they are also the greenest acoustic product on today’s market. Eco-C-tex® is made from recycled cotton and cellulose fibers, the majority of which comes from post consumer newspapers. This composition is the safest alternative to competing fiberglass fillers. Installation is easier too – adhesive strip backings on each panel make it easy to put panels in place without messy tacky or glue clean up.

Audimute Industrial Soundproofing Panels:

  • Class A Fire Rated – ASTM E-84
  • 0.5 NRC Rating for mid to high range frequencies
  • Custom coated in natural or AcoustiColor paint options
  • Eco-Friendly, fiberglass-free materials
  • Easy installation with Hang Tabs

Use safe industrial soundproofing panels in factories, warehouses, gyms, and other loud, high traffic spaces to show your customers and employees their hearing health is your priority. Once you hear the Audimute difference at work, you’ll be ready for residential soundproofing in no time. Fill out our Custom Size AcoustiColor Panels Form for a quote or call an Acoustic Specialist at 1.866.505.MUTE for personalized advice!