Peacemaker® Sample Pack + $5 Rebate

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Peacemaker® Sample Pack

Want a closer look at our materials before making your purchase? Order a Peacemaker sample pack today.

If you're looking to limit the sound traveling through a structure, Peacemaker is the right product for you! Peacemaker is composed of recycled tire rubber, and will provide excellent sound reduction at a fraction of the cost of Mass Loaded Vinyl. With different thicknesses to choose from based on the sounds you are experiencing, there's a Peacemaker thickness for every application.

This kit contains a sample of:

  • Peacemaker Sound Barrier (3.2mm)
  • Peacemaker Soundproofing Underlayment (6.4 mm)

As with the majority of our products, our sample pack is in stock and ready to ship. Order yours today, and we will make sure you receive it as fast as possible. We provide the samples to you at no cost. We only ask you to pay $5.00 to help defray shipping and handling costs. Should you purchase any Peacemaker products, we will credit this charge toward your order (just look for the promo code provided with the sample pack to claim your $5.00 credit!) There are no additional fees for Sample Packs delivered within the Continental U.S.. Additional fees apply to all sample kits shipped outside of the Continental U.S..

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