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Acoustic Solutions

Home Solutions


From living spaces and offices to theaters and studios, we’ve mapped out simple, attractive, and affordable sound solutions for your home from start to finish. This is your one stop shop for all personal acoustic needs.

Office Solutions


Learn how to soundproof general working spaces, reception desks, and conference rooms. From small installations for a quieter atmosphere to full on room make-overs for added privacy and improved concentration, our solutions are designed to make your office work for you.

Rehearsal & Studio

Rehearsal & Studio

Whether you are having band practice or recording in your vocal booth, use Audimute to help improve the sound in your space through absorption, or keep the sound from escaping or from traveling in with rehearsal and studio space soundproofing solutions!



Transform your pet space, whether commercial or residential, with Audimute! Audimute offers several solutions for your barking dog noise and bird cages. 

Commercial & Institutional Solutions

Commercial & Institutional

Acoustically treating a commercial or institutional space makes for a better sound experience for everyone. Our Acoustic Specialists have planned acoustic installations for retail stores, galleries, dance and exercise studios, video editing suits, restaurants, houses of worship, healthcare facilities, classrooms and more.

Shop Wall Solutions


Building from the ground up? Use Peacemaker for new construction, or spice up your wall decor with our customizable acoustic image panels. You can't go wrong with whatever you decide.

Shop Floor Solutions


Stop unwanted foot fall, music and television from leaving your space! Designed to absorb sound, Peacemaker Underlayment is your perfect solution.

Shop Ceiling Solutions


Turn heads in a different direction with our ceiling acoustic products. Ceiling acoustic treatment can increase your surface area, provide complete noise adsorption, echo, and reverberation.

Shop Door Solutions


Learn how to keep the sound in with Audimute's door soundproofing. We've designed an easy installation product specific to keeping unwanted noise from traveling out and from coming in.

Shop Window Solutions


Stop noise from traveling with Audimute's window soundproofing solutions! We offer multiple products that are portable, easy to install and will keep the sound from escaping and coming into your space.