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Noise Reduction & Soundproofing for Doors

Soundproof Door

When it comes to blocking sound from entering or exiting a space, it's important to make your room as airtight as possible, which means soundproofing the door. The problem is that doors are not airtight – instead, they're typically hollow and are surrounded by small gaps that allow sound to pass directly in and out of your space. In order to stop sound transmission, these gaps need to be filled and excess noise needs to be absorbed.

Tips For Door Soundproofing

  • Seal door crevasses/seams
  • Make sure seals are airtight (If air can get through so can sound)
  • Add mass to doors to reduce sound transfer
  • Adding isolé® reduces sound pressure levels in the room as well as reducing sound transfer

Soundproofing Solutions for Doors

  1. Audimute isolé Sound Barrier Sheets - The ultimate solution for door soundproofing, Audimute's isolé is a dual functioning alternative to traditional Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets, offering even better acoustic results. Isolé is one of the only multi-functioning acoustic products on the market. It contains the same sound absorption properties as regular Audimute sheets while adding in a sound barrier. It is a portable solution designed to absorb mid & high frequencies while blocking out low frequencies.
  2. Acoustic Door Seal Kit - For soundproofing doorways and 'filling' the gaps around the bottom, top and sides of a door, we recommend using Audimute Acoustic Door Seal Kit. Adhering the kit to the inside of your door frame(s) is a highly effective, inexpensive way to prevent sound from leaking in and out of one of the weakest parts of your room. This one-sided, self-adhesive Acoustic Door Seal is made of strong, resilient foam that easily compresses. The Acoustic Door Sweep is for soundproofing gaps at the bottom of the door. Audimute Adhesive Door Sweep is a one-sided, self-adhesive roll of tape made of strong, resilient foam.

If you’re seeking to soundproof doors in spaces such as apartments, basements, factories, production facilities, home theaters, or daycare centers, and have any questions, then call 1.866.505.MUTE to speak with an Acoustic Specialist, or fill out our Free Room Analysis Form.