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Noise Reduction & Soundproofing for Floors

Soundproof Floors

Acoustic Treatment for Floors

Floors can be a common point of acoustic weakness in many spaces. If you’ve ever lived in a multi-floor apartment complex, you’ve likely experienced this. Sound tends to travel through many floors with ease. This is especially true when considering footfall, impact noise, and vibration. Limiting the amount of sound traveling through a floor can involve quite a bit of work. Installing carpeting will significantly reduce footfall and impact noise, but that’s not always an option. Thankfully, Audimute is here to help. Using Peacemaker® in your flooring construction will reduce the amount of sound capable of escaping through your floor.

Soundproofing with Peacemaker

Peacemaker is a sound barrier composed of recycled tire rubber. In flooring applications, Peacemaker is designed to be installed beneath a rigid subfloor to provide mass and density to the structure, and to isolate a finished flooring from the structure beneath it. Different thicknesses of Peacemaker are available, and are designed to treat different acoustic problems. Our 6 mm Peacemaker Soundproofing Underlayment is designed to act as a shock absorber in flooring applications, reducing footfall and impact noise. While this is the thickest Peacemaker option available, it is also the least dense of the options, allowing it to effectively absorb energy and vibration. While this thickness of Peacemaker is great at limiting vibration and impact noise, it is a fairly poor airborne sound barrier due to this lack of density.

Our 3 mm Peacemaker Sound Barrier is a better option to consider if you are looking to block airborne sound. At only 3 mm thick, this Peacemaker thickness is half as thick as our Peacemaker Soundproofing Underlayment. However, it is much more dense than our Soundproofing Underlayment, making it a much better barrier when it comes to airborne sound. 3 mm Peacemaker Sound Barrier should not be used to block footfall and impact noise, however, as this density doesn’t allow it to absorb vibration as well as the Soundproofing Underlayment does.

The video below shows a standard floor installation for Peacemaker.

Soundproofing a floor can be tricky. For more information about treating a floor, please give our Acoustic Specialists a call at 1.866.505.MUTE, chat with us, or fill out our online Free Room Analysis Form for personalized acoustic advice.