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Sound Control Resource Center

Sound Control in Open Office

Controlling sound is the best way to create your ideal environment, but how do you do that? How can you block out sound, or reduce background noise, or just create a space that is more conducive to a conversation?

Introducing: The 4-Part Series on Using Sound Control to Improve Your Environment

Everything you read in this 4-part series is backed by the science behind sound and acoustics. Read these easy-to-understand articles to identify what kind of sound control will work best for your situation:

8 Ways Acoustic Wall Panels Will Make Your Room Better

Whether you are looking for a noise reduction solution or to improve the sound clarity in your space Sound Absorption Panels can help. Here are 8 examples of how Audimute’s Acoustic Panels will make your room better.

Why Soundproofing Materials May be the Last Thing You Need

Soundproofing materials may not always be needed to solve your noise problem. Read this explanatory guide that distinguishes the difference between soundproofing and sound absorption.

What is Noise Abatement and Who Cares Anyway

The importance of noise abatement goes beyond improving a nuisance or a distraction. Untreated noise can actually have adverse effects on your health, read more to learn what you can do about it.

Improving Acoustics: The 4 Step Checklist

Improving Acoustics is simple with this 4 step checklist that ensures your acoustic treatment will be executed flawlessly. Once you have gone through this checklist acoustic treatment should be easy to achieve but the help of one of our specialists is always available for additional information.