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Fabric Acoustic Sound Panels

Listen closely: With Audimute sound panels you’ll love what you hear.

Treat your space in style with Audimute fabric sound panels. Audimute fabric sound panels combine acoustic effectiveness with design, absorbing echoes and reverberation while enhancing the overall decor of homes, apartments, studios, offices, and more.

Audimute’s decorative sound panels are made from high-quality interior and exterior materials. The interior sound absorption core of all Audimute sound panels is made form our signature eco-C-tex blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers. This environmentally friendly mix is the greenest sound absorption material in today's marketplace and the safest alternative to traditional fiberglass fillers! This eco-C-tex™ center is wrapped by hand in your choice of fabrics from our standard, designer, or bleach-cleanable lines of acoustical fabrics or even your custom fabric!

Fabric sound panels are the classic way to decorate your walls while cleaning up the acoustics and minimizing excess noise and high volumes. Incorporate decorative sound panels into the wall décor in your home theater for a professional cinema look and feel, or into your office conference room for a professional appearance and tone. Audimute’s fabric sound panels hang as easily as a picture using the single included Z-clip bracket. Cover a large area with a single fabric or mix and match styles for a unique design throughout your space. Our fabric lines are designed to feature the perfect color and design for every application – including bleach-cleanable fabrics for healthcare facilities and childcare centers where cleanliness is the key. We also offer a custom fabric option for even more personalization!

Audimute fabric sound panels are a decorative fabric wall covering made by hand in the USA. Our fabrics and materials are completely fiberglass free for safety in commercial and residential applications. Our fabric sound panels are more than just decorative, they are NRC rated 1.0 for perfect sound absorption of mid to high range frequencies, echo, and reverberation. Fabric sound panels use an interior frame to keep shape – for an even more decorative panel, see out acoustic panel frames.

Quickly and Stylishly Improve the Acoustics in Your Space with Decorative Fabric Sound Panels Today!

Audimute Fabric Sound Panels are:

Stylish - A modern complement to any space, Audimute’s Fabric Sound Panels are available in your choice of 10 standard colors, or hundreds of custom colors

Eco-Friendly - Made with Audimute’s eco-C-tex™ absorption material, a blend of cotton and cellulose free from fiberglass fillers

Effective - Highly effective NRC of 1.00, meaning perfect absorption of mid to high range frequencies, echo, and reverberation

Safe – Our eco-friendly sound panel material is safe for commercial and residential applications. Unlike traditional fiberglass panels, Audimute wall covering products require no warning labels for safety

Handcrafted – Assembled by hand in the USA using high quality materials and workmanship

Make a sound decision - choose Audimute Fabric Sound Panels as your sound solution!

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  1. Standard Fabric Acoustical Panels
    Standard Fabric Acoustic Panels
    Price Range $35 - $107
  2. Designer Fabric Acoustic Panel Arrangement
    Designer Fabric Acoustic Panels
    Price Range $40 - $112
  3. HC Acoustic Panels
    HC Bleach-Cleanable Fabric Acoustic Panels
    Price Range $45 - $117
  4. Bass Traps
    Bass Traps
    Price Range $85 - $107