What Are Sound Absorption Sheets?

Homemade sound dampening techniques have long been used as a way to avoid the loud, bothersome noises that affect most of us at one point or another. For those who are annoyed by echoes and reverberation, a homemade sound dampening blanket probably won’t cut it, especially considering the fact that many loud noises are caused by lower frequencies that aren’t easily absorbed.

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets balance both cost and effectiveness, providing a much-needed alternative to homemade sound dampening solutions. Although a homemade sound dampening blanket is cheap, it does not provide adequate sound control, which is why spending a little more money now will actually save you from paying later in terms of uncontrolled sound within your room. 

Sound Absorption Sheets 

Audimute absorption sheets, also known as sound dampening blankets, can successfully reduce noise within a room by up to 60 percent when applied correctly. Made from all-natural materials, Audimute blankets are able to provide the same absorption as expensive acoustical tile, foam or panels at a far lower cost. Audimute absorption sheets are sold in regular and long sizes. 

Independently tested in an acoustic laboratory, Audimute noise dampening curtains have recorded an impressive .85 NRC rating. One Audimute customer actually used noise dampening curtains to absorb excess room acoustics and commented that he “still picked up ‘good’ room acoustics while recording." 

Features and Benefits 

  • Made from recycled products (content wool, polyester blend)
  • No fiberglass - all natural materials
  • NRC Rating .85
  • Can be re-used and re-hung anywhere
  • Sheets can be easily hung with 3 grommets on each 4.5' side
  • Earth-friendly
  • Can safely go from a baby's room to a band room
  • Are conveniently portable
  • Simple to install, hangs on walls, ceilings or over windows in minutes

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Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are a highly efficient, economical, easy to install way to control noise in band studios, garages, basements, industrial and residential settings and more. To learn more about sound dampening blankets, fill out a free room analysis form or call us at (866) 505-MUTE.