Customer Reviews: Theaters / Performance Spaces Acoustic Panels

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Theaters spaces acoustic panels

Standard Acoustic Panel Review 

"We were looking for acoustic panels to help absorb some of the stage energy and reduce reverb/echo/flutter on our platform/stage wall at church. In doing research I was impressed by Audimute's story and the products you offered. I ordered panels …and loved all the videos available for viewing. That really makes the shopper/customer feel connected to you as a company. I wish a lot more companies would do that."

Kara's Review of Standard Acoustic Panels 

Standard Acoustic Panel Review

"Leaving space between panels is always assists in breaking up the sound waves, thus allowing more control of the sound. Additionally, the placement helps to capture sound within the stage area so that musicians can more clearly hear what they are putting out. This also allows the sound to travel out into the audience versus reverberating against the back wall."

Laura's Review of Standard Acoustic Panels

Standard Acoustic Panel Review

"The panels are very well constructed - fit and finish are excellent. The metal frame system makes hanging so much easier than some of the other panels on the market.The panels made an immediate improvement in my room acoustics."

Sam's Review of Standard Acoustic Panels