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What Is an Acoustic Fabric?

Put simply, an “Acoustic Fabric” is a fabric which is suitable for use in acoustic absorption products because of its acoustic properties. It must be acoustically transparent; that is, penetrable to sound waves.

Many acoustic treatment products, including acoustic panels, are covered with acoustic fabric for aesthetic reasons. The fabric used in these coverings must be acoustically transparent in order for the acoustic material inside to function properly.

How Can I Tell if a Fabric is Acoustically Transparent?

A common test involves attempting to blow through the fabric. If the fabric allows air to easily pass through, it will also allow sound to pass through, making it acceptable for use as an acoustic fabric.

Audimute’s Acoustic Fabric

All of Audimute’s Fabric Acoustic Panels use acoustically appropriate fabric coverings from Guilford of Maine, one of the best names in acoustical fabrics. These fabrics have been specifically designed and tested with acoustic performance in mind.