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Anatomy of an Acoustic Panel

The purpose of an acoustical panel is to reduce reflected sound and dampen the echo and reverberation in a properly treated space. Audimute's acoustical panel is an innovative eco-friendly panel, designed and hand-assembled in Ohio using materials made here in the USA.

Our panels feature:

  • Our eco-C-tex® core, a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers
  • AcoustiColor® (Sherwin-Williams paint) or Acoustic Fabrics (made of post- and pre-consumer recycled polyester) from Guilford of Maine
  • Fabric Wrapped or Image Faced (AcoustiWood Acoustic Wood Alternative Planks)

Our own innovation, eco-C-tex is a green alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation, requiring 1/10th the energy to manufacture, and 1/40th the energy used in manufacturing acoustic foam. For more information about each specific panel we offer, view the Specs & Installation tab on product pages.