How To Soundproof an Apartment

Apartment soundproofing

How to soundproof your apartment depends on:

  • Where the sound is coming from
  • What your expectations are
  • And determining what the best solution is for you

Where is the sound coming from?

First things first, you need to identify where the sound is coming from. Is the noise coming from you or your neighbor? Soundproofing your apartment is most effective when treated at the source.

What are your expectations?

Reductions in sound transmission are possible, but with building design, construction requirements, and expenses, a fully soundproof apartment may not be attainable. Determine what success sounds like and then examine your chance of success.

Your best solutions:

  • Peacemaker® is the perfect choice for soundproofing walls, floors, and ceilings. It is an eco-friendly sound barrier made from recycled tire rubber and offers superior noise reduction and moisture protection. Ideal for soundproofing walls in homes, apartments, and commercial applications, true soundproofing would require barrier installation on every interior surface, but selective installation on shared walls may reduce transmitted noise.
  • Sound Absorption Sheets are one of the most economical sound control products. A perfect portable solution to reduce noise in an apartment, band practice and music rooms, Audimute’s absorption sheets are simple to install and extremely effective in absorbing echoes and reverberation.
  • isolé® is equipped with grommet rings for easy and adjustable installation to your walls. What makes isolé different is its thick weight, the eco-friendly interior blend of eco-C-text and Peacemaker, and high-performance technology capable of soundproofing an area within a larger room. Simply hang isolé to existing walls to block noise in and out of neighboring apartments.
  • Acoustic Image and Fabric Panels are printed on high-resolution acoustical fabric that lets the colors naturally blend together for a clean and clear finish. Disguise your soundproofing treatments as custom photo prints or choose from our galleries filled with thousands of new images. Our panels offer high-quality custom images and fabrics that are eco-friendly, Class-A fire rated, easy to hang and has a .95 NRC rating.

With so many soundproofing solutions available, including permanent solutions for homeowners and temporary portable solutions for renters, you are sure to find the right treatment option with Audimute. From panels to Peacemaker, our products are hand-crafted from environmentally friendly materials to be the safest choice for you and our planet, as well as the affordable option for every scale installation.

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