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Audimute Soundproofing

Customer Showcase: Carter McLean's Drum Studio

Carter McLean Photo
Carter McLean Photo

Carter is the drummer for the Lion King on Broadway. He had been using Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets in his home studio for years with great success. The Sound Absorption Sheets met his needs as they effectively improved the sound in his studio, were affordable, and worked well as a background for video production.

When the opportunity arose to transform his garage into a new studio, Carter called Audimute to expand on his success with Sound Absorption Sheets and create a unique sound solution. We worked together to design, manufacture, and install Audimute solutions culminating in a one-of-a-kind studio that looks and sounds amazing.

“It is so quiet in here … I can just hear the instrument.” - Carter McLean

Check out Carter's Customer Showcase Page to learn more about Carter as well as the process and sound management solutions used to help build his dream studio.