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Customer Showcase: Deagan's Kitchen and Bar


Acoustic Fabric & Custom Image Panels

"Since we've gotten the panels, we have been amazed at how well they work. On one of the first busy nights after they were installed, I had to ask my husband if we had a particularly subdued group of people in the side room or if the panels were really that effective. As far as aesthetics, they look great. I couldn't be happier. They feel and look very high quality."

- Erika Deagan, Owner, Deagan's Kitchen and Bar

The Problem

The owners of Deagan's Kitchen and Bar, an award-winning gastropub in Lakewood, OH, came to us wanting to address the acoustic issue in a side room. The room is off the main dining area and is used as added seating with the french doors propped open or, for private parties, with the french doors closed. The restaurant was completely renovated with the owners having a direct hand in the design. The high backed wood booths and hard wall surfaces of this long and narrow room caused sound to literally bounce off the walls.

deagans sound solution

The Solution

The hands-on owners, Dan and Erika Deagan, demolished and then chose every surface of the recently renovated space. In their desire to "upcycle" as much as possible during the reno, they uncovered and left red brick exposed and re-purposed century old barn wood from a local demolition, adding great character and warmth to the space . Thus, the eco-friendly nature of our sound absorption panels and our close proximity (leading to a smaller carbon footprint) drew them to Audimute to seek out advice and a solution to the acoustic issues they were now experiencing in this beautifully renovated space.

We created custom 3'x4' image panels from photos they provided of their space. Two of these panels were mounted above the benched seating area and are "framed" by the exposed brick while the other was mounted to the barn wood of the opposing wall. Additionally, they chose custom fabrics for standard size 2'x4' panels to complement the warm and inviting space.

deagans image panel

The Outcome

The sound absorption provided by placement of the panels on both long walls helped to control the noise that once bounced off the walls.