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Customer Showcase: Leavitt Group

Leavitt Group Case Study

"Just wanted to tell you how great the Leavitt Group mural turned out. The color looks great, the panels line up well, and the sound proofing is excellent. Everyone here is thrilled. Thank you for the care and hard work you put in to make my artistic vision a reality."

- Dixon Leavitt, Artist

"The mural is a home run - and it is just not my being a faithful devotee of Dixon's art that fuels this conclusion. I sense the employees love it, the architect was speechless, the objectives of deadening sound and beautifying the place were surely achieved...Life in the Jones Building will never be the same."

- Dane Leavitt, CEO of Leavitt Group

The Problem

Leavitt Group wanted to create a one-of-a-kind office environment for the employees of the Jones Building. They settled on the idea of a custom art mural stretched along one wall overlooking a couple dozen office cubicle work spaces. Though the space itself had been built with acoustics in mind, there were some residual acoustical issues that Leavitt Group's leadership wanted to resolve while enhancing the overall feeling of the space. Finding Audimute online and seeing what could be done with custom acoustic image panels, Leavitt Group decided to explore the possibility of using acoustic panels as the canvas on which to print a large scale custom mural designed by artist Dixon Leavitt. Leavitt Group had already considered a stretch wall solution, a carpeted wall, and other possible options for addressing the aesthetic and acoustic requirements before contacting Audimute, whose customer centered approach resembled the Leavitt Group's own approach to building relationships with their customers. The project began and ended with a close collaboration between Audimute and Leavitt Group to ensure the best results.

The Solution

After testing many options and variables, Audimute and Leavitt Group agreed at last on the right solution for the space: creating a series of 16 custom sized acoustic image panels that would hang side-by-side along the 64 feet wall span where the mural would go. Solving the sound problem was mainly a functional question of getting the acoustical absorption right by maximizing coverage along that one open wall. The mural itself, after final modifications by the artist based on sample tests printed on various acoustical materials, was finished and given to Audimute as a vector graphic that could be printed at high resolution at a size equivalent to span of 8 feet high and 64 feet long. Because of the size and scale of this mural and the wall space to be covered, Audimute chose not to build a custom framed single panel and the final installation proved Audimute's careful production team could deliver on the promise. The time lapse video above, produced by internal team members of the Leavitt Group, captured the entire installation process. Frank Lizanich, an experienced contractor from Cleveland who has handled many local installations of Audimute products, flew out to lead the installation.

leavitt group

The Outcome

"Life in the Jones Building will never be the same...." Leavitt Group's employees now have a beautiful work environment that performs acoustically to perfection. Frank, who led the installation team, returned to the Cleveland area and shared a common story that mimicked our own experience during the prolong planning and development stages of this custom project: the entire Leavitt team was friendly and wonderful partner to work with, and wow, together we created something incredibly special.