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Customer Showcase: Saint Martin de Porres

Saint Martin de Porres

AcoustiColor® Acoustic Panels & Custom Image Gallery Wrapped Acoustic Panels

"The Saint Martin De Porres acoustical panel install was the largest and most challenging project I had done for Audimute at that time. Their design team provided me with extensive and detailed layouts for the gymnasium which afforded me a clear picture of what the customer was expecting. The results of the panel installation from both a visual and acoustical perspective were very impressive."

- Frank L., Independent Contractor

The Problem

The gymnasium of St. Martin De Porres High School (SMDP) in Cleveland, Ohio was about to undergo a facelift, and Audimute was brought in to design, manufacture, and install a large scale acoustic paneling solution meant to improve the school's ability to host various events using the space. A ceiling height of over 26 feet coupled with many hard surfaces resulted in sound that was literally bouncing off the walls.

saint martin de porres

The Solution

Two different types of acoustic paneling went into the SMDP project - Custom Image Gallery Wrapped Acoustic Panels (hung on panel clips) and custom coated natural eco-C-tex® acoustic paneling (hung using impaling pins and an industrial adhesive - call for more information on this product). "The arched ceiling really drove our design of the SMDP space," says Carol D., Audimute's Product and Custom Design Specialist. The block walls had been heavily repaired over the years in this building so installation was a challenge. The installation plan was sketched out beforehand, and we were able to work one section at a time. A chalk line we placed prior to beginning the installation served as a reference to the bottom of the design section-by-section to ensure consistency over the entire wall. In this design, we found working from the bottom to the top arch worked best.

saint martin

The Outcome

Overall, planning the design, careful measurements, and the right tools helped us execute this project with accuracy. More importantly, the positive feedback daily from teachers and staff as they saw and heard the difference in the space made it worth the efforts put forth by the entire Audimute team.

Audimute's Carol D. said of the acoustic effects of the treatment, "Early on in this project, I was able to hear for myself the acoustic problems within the space. While students were gathering for an orientation, the speaker (with the use of a microphone) made an announcement which came across completely garbled. The sound just seemed to be hitting all the hard surfaces in every direction. I honestly thought she sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher; I was less than 20 feet away and I had no idea what she said.

As installation began, I stopped in to see the progress and with less than half of the panels installed, teachers and faculty members were already commenting to me just how great the space sounded. As they continued to install the panels, the compliments continued."

saint martin