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Customer Showcase: Victoria Webb Photography

Acoustic panels for hospital

Custom Image Gallery Wrapped Acoustic Panels

“The panels worked beautifully! They look amazing and they have provided a much more peaceful environment.”

- Victoria Webb, Victoria Webb Photography

The Problem

Victoria Webb is a passionate photographer from Petaluma, California who has been capturing personal memories for over 20 years. She was recently tasked with a project for a hospital’s labor and delivery wing when she began to wonder if there would be any way to display her photos in an acoustically pleasing way for new babies and their mothers. “I was doing a photography project for our local hospital and was looking for a solution that would be both pleasing to the eye, as well as cut down on hospital hallway traffic noise in the labor and delivery wing.” There are many benefits to improving acoustics within a hospital setting including better communication and a more focused work environment for doctors to reduce medical errors. An acoustically pleasing environment may also allow staff and patients to feel less stressed, while promoting healing and enhancing patient privacy.

Sleeping baby acoustic panel

The Solution

Victoria reached out to Audimute for the answer to her unique problem and we were delighted to lead her to the perfect solution. “We chose Audimute because of their reputation, customer service, and affordability.” After listening to Victoria and the predicament she was in, trying to create an acoustically pleasant environment, it was clear that Custom Image Gallery Wrapped Acoustic Panels were the ideal solution. Victoria provided us with her beautiful images which were then printed on our high quality, durable fabric. The fabric prints were then wrapped around a framed panel of our eco-C tex® material and fixed to the back to create a nice finish. “Audimute recommended some beautiful panels that I could print my photography on and that would also provide a quieter, more peaceful environment promoting more sleep and rest for newborns and their moms.”

Acoustic panels wall art for hospital

The Outcome

Victoria was very pleased with the finished product and says that the panels have really helped make the space much more peaceful for the newborn babies and their families. “The panels worked beautifully! They look amazing and they have provided a much more peaceful environment.” As an added bonus Victoria mentioned that the installation of our panels was a breeze. “The installation went so smoothly. I would definitely recommend to my clients.” Audimute Acoustic Panels hang in seconds, like a framed picture using panel wall clips.

Acoustic image panels for hospital