How To Soundproof a Dog Kennel or Cage

How to soundproof dog kennel

Reduce unwanted noise from dogs

Love dogs? We do too! But we don’t love the constant barking sounds that are impossible to ignore. Adding absorption to your dog’s crate will help to eliminate the echoes and reverberations created by dog barking, and will help to soften the sound level in your space.

Whether you are planning for your business or for a home, Audimute’s affordable, non-toxic, GREEN soundproofing products can help treat kennels or crates.

Products to Use To Soundproof Dog Crate:

  • Sound Absorption Sheets hang from grommet holes to cover wall space or over cages to create a dark, quiet atmosphere for naps or bedtime. Absorption Sheets absorb the mid to high range frequencies into the sheet’s soft fabric and interior material. Sheets are perfect to throw over your dog crate for a simple solution!
  • isolé® is a two-in-one sound solution that offers not just sound absorption, but sound blocking as well. isolé is a great sound-blocking solution for shared walls, doors, and windows.

Kennels, on the other hand, typically require a different treatment method. When considering kennels, sound blocking isn’t typically as much of an issue as the sound level inside of the kennel. As sound reflects off hard surfaces throughout a kennel, an overwhelming amount of echo and reverberation can be created. Adding absorption to kennels is key to limiting these echoes and softening the sound created by barking dogs. When treating kennels, it’s important to keep acoustic treatment near the top portion of the walls. This will help to keep any products out of reach of any animals, and will keep it out of possible spray range when cleaning a kennel.

Products to Use in Your Kennel:

  • Acoustic Panels adhere directly to the wall or ceiling using industrial strength adhesives. Audimute offers tiles designed to cut down the echoing of dog barking sounds. Made from recycled cotton materials, Acoustic Tiles offer great sound absorption in a wide variety of colors and styles.
  • Acoustic Panels that are 1.5" thick are designed to offer superior sound absorption in a fabric-wrapped finish. With a wide variety of fabrics to choose from (including custom fabrics from Guilford of Maine) and the ability to add images to Acoustic Image Panels, the design possibilities are endless! Our Acoustic Panels offer an NRC rating of .95-1.0, meaning they are perfectly absorptive of mid to high frequencies (learn more about NRC ratings here).
  • Wall treatment not an option? Consider treating your ceiling. Suspended absorption options like our Acoustic Clouds and Acoustic Baffles will help to drastically cut down on echo and reverberation in your kennel.

Our Acoustic Specialists are available to answer any questions about soundproofing dog kennels. Fill out a free room analysis form or give us a call at 1.866.505.MUTE.