Customer Reviews: Home Office Acoustic Panels

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Home Office Acoustic Panels by Audimute

Standard Acoustic Panel Review

"I purchased 6 sound dampening panels for a conference room located in the basement of our office. Prior to installing the panels the room was echoey, it sounded like you were in a cave. Huge difference with the panels up! Also, they are very nice looking."

- John's Review of Standard Acoustic Panels

Designer Acoustic Panel Review

"We purchased these panels for a large conference room in our home. The panels were delivered quickly and they were easy to install. They look great!!"

- Stacy's Review of Designer Acoustic Panels

Standard Acoustic Panel Review

"We bought 3 panels for our office we are in a 15 *20 space with 2 people and we were looking to reduce the echo, and deaden the sound while talking on the phone. The panels reduced the sound and eliminated the echo while looking great we are considering some image panels."

- Chris' Review of Standard Acoustic Panels