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Mounting Hardware

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Acoustic Panel Mounting Hardware

Audimute’s acoustic panel mounting hardware is designed for quick installation while doing minimal damage to your walls and ceilings. Audimute’s acoustic wall panel mounting hardware and ceiling adhesive have been tested and approved for keeping your acoustic products securely fastened inside your space.

Our acoustic panel mounting hardware is available in a variety of styles to suit the needs of every space and installation, from permanent to adjustable. The most popular way to mount acoustic wall panels is using your included Z-Clip. With this style hardware, wall clip slides directly under the flange of the panel frame and 'locks' the panel in place to ensure a 'level' and 'flush' hanging. To rehang or take down panels, simply lift and remove! Each acoustic panel comes equipped with a single Z-Clip hanging bracket to easily hang your panel on the wall like a picture frame.

For stronger holds or additional installation materials, Audimute offers other acoustic panel mounting hardware from adhesives to Velcro® clips. With the proper acoustic panel mounting hardware, you can cut installation time and costs by 50%. Our hardware options include:

Panel Clips (4-pack): Additional acoustic panel mounting hardware clips are ideal for creating a stronger hold around every side of your panel. While each panel order includes a single panel clip, multiple clips are desirable in high-traffic spaces or applications.

Corner Bass Trap (Single and Bulk Packs): This mounting hardware is designed to hold your bass trap sound panels across wall corners for fuller coverage, perfect for studios and recording spaces. Corner mounts can hold standard 2 inch fabric sound panels and thicker 4 inch bass traps firm in place.

Security Clips (4-pack): This style acoustic panel mounting hardware uses two pieces connected by Velcro® to hold a framed panel firmly in place. While one piece of the clip slides over the lip of a panel frame, a second piece sticks in place on the wall allowing you to hang and remove your panel as needed.

T-Channel: With T-Channel mounting, your panels are never directly installed to the wall. Instead, one hardware bracket strip of the T-Channel is adhered to your wall surface while the other hardware bracket locks in place on top, holding your panel in place between the plastic. T-Channel mounting brackets are perfect for AcoustiColor™ acoustic sound panel orders!

Ceiling Adhesive (1- or 4-gallon tubs): Unlike most acoustic panel mounting hardware, this adhesive is specifically designed to form a tight, strong bond to your wall or ceiling. Each tub includes a putty knife for easy application to drywall, concrete, plywood, and more and is safe for use with AcoustiColor™ panels.

Find the right acoustic panel mounting hardware for your space today and see the difference proper installation makes! Audimute’s acoustic panel mounting hardware and adhesive not only protects your acoustic products but also ensure a proper installation for the best sound results. Find the right fit for your application today!

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