Case Study: Office Noise Reduction for Bumper Man, Inc.

Office Noise Reduction Treatment

"Now my office is quieter, looks modern, and I’m more comfortable knowing that my coworkers won’t have to hear every conversation or the rattling and crinkling sound of my unpacking my lunch!"

- Danny Jaco, Marketing Specialist, Bumper Man, Inc.


Bumper Man, Inc. is a Texas-based bumper repair service catering mainly to used car dealerships.  A problem office at their headquarters in Dallas recently got a sound makeover with a set of Audimute Acoustic Panels.  Danny Jaco, Marketing Specialist, tells us about the problem, the solution, and the results in his own words:

Acoustic Issues

I began working for Bumper Man Inc. in August of 2012. Upon arriving at my new office space, I was impressed with the décor: hardwood floors, beautiful handcrafted furniture, recessed lighting, and crown molding on the ceiling—the best looking office in the company.

However, I was forewarned that the “echo” in the office was substantial. With all the reflective surfaces, and no acoustic ceiling tiles, every sound in the space reflected off of all these surfaces; and at times became very irritating—not to mention the lack of privacy as every word spoken could be heard throughout the office.

Seeking a Solution

The owner mentioned that I visit a used furniture store for some freestanding dividers or something containing fabric to hang on the wall. After a few trips around town, I realized that this option would either reduce the floor space, or change the aesthetic feel of the décor. I even considered purchasing fabric pieces to drape across the ceiling—but this felt like too much work and would most likely look shoddy; and I wasn’t confident of the effectiveness of this approach.

I began searching online for “acoustic soundproofing” and quickly found the Audimute Acoustic Panels website. I was sold from the first click. The information I needed was easy to find with everything very user friendly and concise…kudos to the website!

I made an initial call and spoke with a very helpful and knowledgeable customer service agent. She advised me on the appropriate size and quantity—helping me keep costs down while ensuring adequate coverage for my needs. I chose four 2x4’ fabric panels: Eucalyptus color. I considered ordering the samples so I could choose the right color, but I took a chance and the color matches the décor perfectly.

Office Acoustic Panels for Echo Reduction

Cost and Ordering

The owner was surprised at how inexpensive this solution was. He had considered having the walls covered with fabric but that option would have been thousands instead of the Audimute solution which came in at under $400. The ordering process was easy and quick and within a week I had my panels. Great customer service!


Even though I have a background in picture hanging, the installation process is simple enough for anyone with a screwdriver, level, pencil, and tape measure. The only issue I ran into was when I hit a metal stud behind the drywall; but this was solved with a bit of elbow grease and electric drill.

Acoustic Panels for Office Noise Reduction


From the moment I unpacked the fabric panels—which arrived in a sturdy cardboard container and packed quite well—I noticed a distinct difference in the acoustic quality in my office. And after I installed all four panels, everyone who stopped by was amazed at the sound deadening. I even recorded a “before and after” sound test on my phone – one without the panels, and one after installation. Just from this simple test, you can hear a huge difference in the amount of echo. Now my office is quieter, looks modern, and I’m more comfortable knowing that my coworkers won’t have to hear every conversation or the rattling and crinkling sound of my unpacking my lunch! I’m very satisfied with the purchase and have even posted a link on my company’s Facebook page. We’re also considering an additional purchase with Audimute to help with sound issues we’re having with our machine shop downstairs. Thanks for providing an easy, effective, and cost-friendly solution for our soundproofing needs!

Acoustic Panels for Office Noise Reduction 

“These fabric panels have saved our company thousands of dollars. When I first heard that we could solve the sound problem for under $400, I was sold!” — Jeff Bramblett, Owner, Bumper Man Inc.

“Audimute acoustic panels have given me the freedom to have a conversation, and unpack my lunch, without the entire office hearing every sound.” — Danny Jaco, Marketing Specialist, Bumper Man Inc.

“Wow, I can’t believe the difference in the sound…and I love how the panel’s colors enhance the existing décor.” — Tanya Bramblett, Bumper Man Inc.