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Acoustic Product Specifications

Fire rated Fire Rating - Unless otherwise stated, our panels are constructed with Class A (ASTM E-84) fire-rated fabrics or NFPA 701 fire-rated fabrics and Class A (ASTM E-84) fire-rated eco-C-tex.
safe for your health Health Rating - Our panels are made of materials that are completely safe and non-toxic. We do not use foam, fiberglass, or other potentially harmful materials.
eco-c-tex sound absorption material Recycled - The acoustic fabrics we use are made almost exclusively of post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled polyester. Our sound absorbing eco-C-tex is composed of a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers (the majority of which is recycled newspapers!). The eco-C-tex manufacturing process uses 1/10 the energy of the fiberglass manufacturing process and 1/40 the energy of manufacturing foam insulation.
Sound Solution Acoustic Performance - Our panels have a high acoustic performance and are particularly effective at absorbing the mid- and high frequencies, those most commonly associated with disruptive sound.
custom Customizable - Many of the panels on our website can be customized to your taste in color, size, and thickness. However, our website contains only a small portion of the acoustic panel products we make. We have an on-going and creative custom acoustic solutions team ready to help you find a custom acoustic solution that meets your needs, whatever they are.
install Installation Instructions - Check out our online installation instructions. Our panels are easy to hang (much like a picture) and require no special equipment. We do recommend your read our installation tips. An experienced contractor or handy-man should have no problem with installation of most panels. We do at times work with professional installers and may be able to recommend one depending on your area.

Find your product's full specification details on the third tab of every product page.

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