Customer Reviews: Restaurant Acoustic Panels

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Restaurant acoustic review

Acoustic Art Panel Review 

"I just wanted to let you know that I am VERY impressed with your company thus far. I placed an order less than 2 weeks ago, uploaded the image a few days later, and I just got off the phone with someone an hour ago telling me that my custom panels will be shipping tomorrow. I believe you usually quote 3-4 for custom panels, and I ordered not one but 3...and it seems like I'll have them in a total of about 2 weeks! So nothing other than a thank you here. I've got antsy clients who are excited to get these (the panels are actually going up in a relatively famous restaurant!) and this early ship date made them very happy. I'll be sure to use your company in the future. Fast ship dates, a human voice when I call, truly great all around."

Claire's Review of Acoustic Art Panels 

Standard Acoustic Panel Review 

"Since we've gotten the panels, we have been amazed at how well they work. On one of the first busy nights, after they were installed, I had to ask my husband if we had a particularly subdued group of people in the side room or if the panels were really that effective. As far as aesthetics, they look great. I couldn't be happier. They feel and look very high quality."

Erika's Review of Standard Acoustic Panels 

Acoustic Art Panel Review 

"I received three custom sound panels from Audimute yesterday. What a product!! I am very happy with the quality and detail....a great way to decorate while reducing reflected sound. These three 24"x36" Italian street scenes are set to adorn the walls of the newly renovated Olde Town Pizza House."

Todd's Review of Acoustic Art Panels