Soundproofing & Noise Reduction for Walls

Soundproofing walls

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Wall Acoustic Treatment

If you’ve ever lived near noisy neighbors, you know that sound tends to travel through a shared wall with ease. Unless specifically designed for soundproofing, standard wall constructions just aren’t designed to limit sound transmission. That’s where Audimute Sound Barriers come in. Sound barriers are designed to reduce sound transmission by providing mass and density to a structure.

If you’re looking to treat a wall, we understand how important it is to find soundproofing materials that are as affordable as they are effective. Use Peacemaker® and isolé® to effectively limit sound transmission without breaking the bank.

Peacemaker Sound Barrier

Peacemaker is a sound barrier used to reduce the transmission of sound through walls, floors, and ceilings. An eco-friendly alternative to traditional mass loaded vinyl, Peacemaker is crafted from recycled tire rubber. With an STC rating of 19, Peacemaker proves to be an effective sound barrier for any space.

Peacemaker is designed to be sandwiched between two rigid layers. Peacemaker can be retrofitted over existing walls, or installed directly over studs before installing a finished wall surface. For better results, we recommend using insulation in conjunction with Peacemaker in shared walls.

Apartment Soundproofing


Sometimes construction isn’t an option. This is where isolé comes in. Originally designed to act as a sound barrier between joint hotel room doors, isolé is designed to act as a portable sound barrier. isolé acts as a 2-in-1 acoustic solution, providing sound absorption along with sound blocking properties. Each isolé includes a layer of our eco-C-tex absorption material (composed of a blend of recycled cellulose and cotton) along with a layer of our Peacemaker Sound Barrier to provide mass and density.

Each isolé measures 34.5” wide by 82” long, and includes three metal grommets on one 34.5” side, allowing it to be hung with ease. With such easy installation, isolé can be a great option to consider in spaces where construction just isn’t possible. isolé can also be a great solution when looking to limit the amount of sound traveling through a door or window.

Soundproofing existing walls gives new life to your home. Order the best sound solution for your space today and hear the Audimute difference! Our Acoustic Specialists are here with personalized advice on your space. Give us a call today at 1.866.505.MUTE, or fill out our Free Room Analysis Form and hear from us within one business day!