Improve Acoustics in Theaters & Performance Spaces

Theater Performance Space Acoustic Solutions

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Acoustic Solutions for Theater & Performance Spaces

Acoustics in performance and theater spaces can be drastically improved using Acoustic Panels, which absorb sound waves that cause the types of echo and reverberation problems that will ruin a show. No performer, artist, or presenter wants to encounter these acoustical distractions on show night. Nor should any audience member be left wondering if the show was worth the price!

Your budget is precious, but consider where else could you make a more economical, longer lasting, more impactful change than with the addition of theater acoustic panels to your space. Your performers and audiences will experience increased clarity of sound, will hear the more subtle acoustical effects that augment the performance, and will experience fewer unwanted sound disturbances.

Audimute makes acoustic panels from eco-friendly, high-performance eco-C-tex®, an innovative sound absorbing material. The panels may be wrapped in your choice of fabric, even with custom images, or coated with Sherwin-Williams paint. Transform your experience of performance space and theater acoustics. Audimute panels install with ease and are the perfect choice to add an artistic touch to any decorative motif. Our high-quality Acoustic Image Panels offer several options of beautiful free images suited to many different design tastes and styles.

Acoustic Panels Review

"Leaving space between panels is always assists in breaking up the sound waves, thus allowing more control of the sound. Additionally, the placement helps to capture sound within the stage area so that musicians can more clearly hear what they are putting out. This also allows the sound to travel out into the audience versus reverberating against the back wall."