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Understanding Sound

Sound is complex and every situation is unique. At Audimute, we do our best to filter out the noise, because understanding sound is less important than understanding why you are having an acoustic problem and what you can do to resolve it. Our goal is to help you make a decision based on the most important factor: what success will sound like to you. In other words, you need to improve the acoustics in your space enough to make you happy, no more and no less. To that end, we typically suggest incremental treatment: let us help you figure out the ideal percentage of surface coverage you need to get started. If you need more treatment, add it strategically until you've achieved the outcome you want.

Understanding Sound

One of the odd things about sound is that understanding sound physics isn't always enough to solve a sound problem: perceptions of sound differ widely. What is uncomfortably loud to you may not bother your friend or neighbor at all. Even the most scientific answer to an acoustics issue (hiring an acoustical consultant is cost prohibitive for most end users) may not ultimately meet the real-life needs of the daily users of any given space.

Low Frequency Sounds

Please, don't hesitate to contact one of our Acoustic Specialists via chat, phone 1.866.505.MUTE, or our free Room Analysis Form. We want to help you identify what will work best in your individual application.