Wall Corner Panel Mount

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Our corner mount system lets you hang panels fast in corners. No special tools required.
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Wall Corner Panel Mount

When installing Bass Traps, corner installations tend to be more effective than mounting Bass Traps flush on a wall surface. This is because bass frequencies tend to build in the corners of rooms. To make installation easier, we've developed a simple, inexpensive solution for mounting any Gallery Wrapped Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps in your corner. Our Corner Bass Trap Mount consists of a lightweight but very strong bar with pre-drilled holes. A panel clip is mounted to the center of the bar. To install, you simply mount the bar to the corner wall surfaces (see our panel installation instructions) using 2 screws (included). Once the corner mount is attached to the wall, the back of the panel frame slips directly over the clip and 'locks' the panel in place.

Each Corner Mount is approximately 1” thick and 24” wide with mitered ends (to line up correctly with the surface of the two walls as they near the corner). It weighs approximately 1/3 lbs. The panel clip centered on the mounting bar is approximately 2" wide, 1 3/8" tall, with a 3/8" lift-off. We recommend using ONE corner mount for most standard sized vertical panel installations. Corner Bass Trap Mounts are designed to be used with 2’ wide Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps. Custom corner mounts are available for panels in other sizes. If you’re interested in a custom size, please give our Acoustic Specialists a call at 1.866.505.MUTE.

Each corner bass trap and panel mount includes:

  • 1 mounting bar (approximately 24" in length) with affixed panel clip centered on the bar
  • 2 screws (specially designed to hold the corner mount in place without the use of anchors.

For more information on panel installation, read our panel installation instructions.

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