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What Are Sound Absorption Sheets?

Homemade sound dampening techniques have long been used to avoid the loud, bothersome noises that affect most of us at one point or another. Moving blankets, for example, are commonly used to provide an element of acoustic absorption. While moving blankets can help improve acoustics, they’re typically not the best option to consider when adding sound absorption.

Although moving blankets are cheap, they do not provide adequate sound control. The NRC rating of moving blankets is typically around .30, which means that they absorb roughly 30% of the frequencies in a space. Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are an effective alternative to traditional moving blankets.

Absorption Sheets

Absorption Sheets balance both cost and effectiveness, providing a much-needed alternative to moving blankets. Each Absorption Sheet measures 95” x 54”, and includes three metal grommets, allowing it to be easily hung from a surface. Absorption Sheets can successfully reduce echo and reverberation within a room by up to 85% when applied correctly. Audimute Absorption Sheets have recorded an impressive .85 NRC rating (for more information about NRC rating click here).

Features and Benefits

  • Made from recycled products (content wool, polyester blend)
  • No fiberglass - all natural materials
  • NRC Rating .85
  • Can be re-used and re-hung anywhere
  • Sheets can be easily hung with 3 grommets on each 4.5' side
  • Can safely go from a baby's room to a band room
  • Conveniently portable
  • Simple to install, hangs on walls, ceilings or over windows in minutes

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets are a highly efficient, economical, easy to install way to control noise in band studios, garages, basements, industrial and residential settings and more. To learn more about Sound Absorption Sheets, fill out a free Free Room Analysis Form or call us at 1.866.505.MUTE.