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Acoustic Pro Sound Kit

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Acoustic Pro Sound Kit

When it comes to practice and recording spaces, you want to put your best sound forward. You take care of your equipment, but what are you doing about your surroundings? High volume spaces require sound treatments in order to offer peak acoustic performance, which is why Audimute created the Pro Sound Kit.

Our Pro Sound Kit will enhance your sound while blocking a vast amount of noise from transferring in or out of your room. Audimute Sound Absorption Sheets provide a large amount of wall or open space coverage. isolé® Sound Barrier Sheets block and absorb sound to acoustically enhance and reduce transmission of sound for spot treatments including doors and windows. Both sheets paired with our acoustic door seal package forms the perfect sound blocking and absorbing trio!

Designed with vocal booths in mind, our Pro Sound Kit creates a professional studio environment perfect for the home. Featuring four of our high quality sound absorbing products, this kit easily creates a full coverage acoustic treatment in any vocal booth or small space.

Pro Sound Kit Features:

  • 4 Sound Absorption Sheets
  • 1 isolé Sound Absorption and Blocking Sheet
  • 1 Standard Door Seal Kit (includes 1 Door Seal & 1 Door Sweep)

Sound Absorption Sheets have a NRC rating of 0.85, meaning they absorb an average of 85% of noise upon contact. This lessens the bounce back, echo, and volume level of the space for a cleaner finished sound. Our sheets are equipped with grommet holes for quick hanging and portability for continued use in other loud spaces, such as basements, shared walls, garages, and rooms with pets!

Sound Absorption Sheets have an approximate size of 96" x 48" (8' x 4') and weigh approximately 10 lbs.

Our premium isolé® Sound Barrier Sheet offers sound blocking and absorption properties for spot treatment in areas where sound easily travels, such as doors and windows. Each sheet consists of a layer of 20 STC 1/16" Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) sound blocking material and a layer of eco-C-tex® sound absorption material.

An isolé® sheet is 34.5" x 82", weighs approximately 18 pounds, and has an NRC rating of 0.75.

Ideal applications include reinforcing doors, windows, and vents, or creating partitions. It is important to remember that soundproofing is about containment of air and overall mass and density of the surfaces around you. Audimute isolé is not designed or intended to soundproof a wall or ceiling structure, but is very effective when used over doors and windows or as a partition. For sound absorption, isolé can be used anywhere in a room and is most effective when mounted at the first point of reflection.

Audimute's Door Seal Kit works by creating an airtight space so that sound cannot freely travel through one of the weakest parts of the room! The door seal is for inside the door frame and the door sweep is for the bottom of the door.

The kit contains one Standard size Door Seal Kit, designed to treat 1 door.

Standard Door Seal Kit:

  • (1) roll of one-sided, self-adhesive Acoustic Door Seal tape - 3/16"x1/2"x25'
  • (1) roll of one-sided, self-adhesive Door Sweep tape - 1/2"x1.5"x4'

When all three sound solutions are combined, our Pro Sound Kit creates the ideal sound coverage for recording, practice, vocal booths and more! Save time and money by effectively soundproofing your wall space and window or door frame with all the necessary tools packaged together! For larger room applications, pair two or more Pro Sound Kits together to increase coverage area with the same superior sound absorption and blocking performance.

Acoustical Performance

Cut Sheets - View our Absorption Sheets cut sheet here.

Sound Absorption Sheets have a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.85. View the sound lab report.
isolé has a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.75. View the sound lab report. 
isolé Sound Blocking 1/16" Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) - STC of 20 (VN-050 Product). View the Data Sheet here.


Sound Absorption Sheets - 96" x 46" (8' x 4') - approx. 10 lbs, isolé - 82" x 34.5" - approx. 18 lbs.

Recycled eco-C-tex® sound absorption material consists of a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers, the majority of which are post-consumer recycled newspaper and requires an astounding 1/10th of the amount of energy to produce compared to traditional fiberglass. 
non-toxic, non-carcinogenic Safe for your health. Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, no fiberglass. 
Save time and money This is a high performance sound absorption product.  As such, it works best when in the same enclosed space where sound is being generated. View installation instructions here.  
free room analysis Want to create a sound solution that’s totally unique to your space? We have experienced Acoustic Specialists ready to work with you to create your own soundproofing solution. The possibilities are endless with custom images, sizes, shapes, finishings, and framing options. Ready to get the ball rolling? Reach out to one of our Acoustic Specialists via chat, phone 1.866.505.MUTE, contact form, or free room analysis form.

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