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10 Easy Home Soundproofing Tips

10 Easy Home Soundproofing Tips

10. Seal Those Doors

A common issue we come across is sound from another room traveling right through the door. If having a paper thin door isn’t your issue, the problem may be the space around the door that sound is escaping through. Products like Audimute’s Door Seal Kit is extremely affordable and a simple fix to this issue. Within minutes you can stop sound from traveling through the spaces around your door.

9. Don't Slam the Cupboards

This may sound obvious, but it is a common complaint we hear all the time. Over the years the bumpers on your cabinet doors start to wear. This is a $5 fix that only takes a few minutes of your time. Cabinet door bumpers can be purchased at most hardware stores. Simply peel and stick on the inside corners of your cabinet door and you won’t hear that loud wood on wood clatter that makes you cringe.

8. My Pets are Going Crazy!

I could probably write another 10 tips on pet sound proofing, but here is the bottom line: your animals have sensitive ears. So intense sound bothers them even more than it does you. The echoing and intensity fires them up resulting in more and more chatter. Focus on adding sound absorbent materials to the rooms in which your pets spend the most time. This could be anything from a rug on hard floors to Acoustic Panels on the walls. You could even try a blanket or Acoustic Sheet over their cage. Some animals respond well to background noise, which helps to break up sound intensity. Personally, my dog likes listening to The Beagles…

7. My workout space is too Loud

So besides turning down the radio, here is what you can do to help control the sound. The key here is the floor: you need to absorb that vibration. Whether you’re running on a treadmill or just slamming down those dumbbells, an isolation product is the perfect solution. You can find gym floor tiles at your local sporting good store. These will help, but for better results check out Audimute’s 6.4mm Peacemaker. It is less expensive and will give you the best results of any gym flooring product on the market.

6. My Windows Rattle

Tired of your windows rattling every time a truck goes by? This is an easy fix. I suggest using one of Audimute’s Door Seal Kits placed between the window frame and outer casing. If there isn’t enough room you can always go to the hardware store and find some rope with the correct diameter to use instead. As a bonus this will Stop sounds from creeping through the cracks of your windows, making your indoor environment quieter overall.

5. I hear footsteps

If you live in a home or apartment covered in hard surfaces you may be plagued with the sounds of footsteps. This is an easy and inexpensive fix. Try installing rugs in high traffic areas. They will soften impact noise as well as aid in sound absorption.

4. My Spouse Snores

Sleep posture plays a large role in snoring. Sleeping flat on your back causes the flesh of your throat to relax and block the airway. Try taping tennis balls to the back of your spouse's pajamas to keep them from sleeping on their back. If this doesn't work at least you get the enjoyment of seeing your spouse with tennis balls taped to their back. If you're wondering, there was no way I could get my wife to do this, so if you figure out how to do that please let me know.

3. Loud Sub Pump

This is an issue I just recently dealt with myself. Living in a low flood area, my sub pump seemed to push water every 30 minutes. So what should you do? Check the pipe coming from the sub pump. Does it vibrate against your wall? If so try placing an absorptive material or even some old rags between the pipe and the wall. I suggest Audimute’s Peacemaker to stop vibration. If this isn’t the issue try putting up what I like to call the “Cone of Silence”: 6.4mm Peacemaker rolled into a cone shape placed over the pump and around the pipe.

2. Is it Humane to Soundproof a Baby

Answer is an obvious no. What you can do however is make the sounds they hear more pleasurable. Reduce the intensity of sound by adding rugs to hard flooring and focus on using soft materials, including furniture, bedding, and draperies when planning your nursery. If you’re looking for a design friendly solution consider Audimute’s Custom Image Acoustic Panels. Maybe spell out your baby's name in 1’x1’ Acoustic panels that match your nursery décor?

1. Silence Your Washer and Dryer

You may not actually be able to silence your washer and dryer, but what you can do is lower the intensity of sound they omit. If you place your hand on your washer and dryer while they are running, what do you notice? Vibration! This is the first thing to address. More than likely they are sitting on a hard surface such as cement, tile or even hardwood flooring. Placing something underneath them to reduce the vibration will help tremendously. Audimute’s 6.4mm Peacemaker is great for reducing vibration and taking the edge off the sound. A less effective solution may be adding a rug or carpet- the thicker the better. This works for dishwashers as well! You can also hang blankets or Acoustic Sheets over door ways to your laundry room to aid in sound absorption.