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5 Easy Tips for Improving the Acoustics in Your Conference Room

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Is your conference room too loud? Are customers on the other end of your conference calls having a difficult time understanding you? These 5 tips can help you easily improve the acoustics in your conference room!








1.)   Consider the furniture in your conference room.  


The furniture in your conference room can impact the way that sound bounces around your space! Typically, hard surfaces reflect sound, while soft surfaces tend to absorb sound (even if that is not the intended purpose of the furniture).


Replace hard seating surfaces with soft surfaces. This will not only help to improve the sound quality in your space, but will also improve the comfort of meeting-goers.


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2.)   Add a rug


An area rug in a conference room can make all the difference! Covering a hard, reflective surface with a soft, absorptive surface will help to cut down on any echo you are experiencing, and can really tie the room together. 




3.)   Install a drop ceiling


Using a drop ceiling is a great option to consider when looking to reduce echo in a space without changing the appearance! By lowering the ceiling in your space, sound will have less space to bounce around. Most drop ceiling tiles offer some level of absorption (typically ranging anywhere from .2 - .5 NRC).


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4.)   Treat the windows


Does your space have windows? Chances are, the hard, reflective glass surfaces are creating sound issues in your conference room. Improve the sound in your space by adding curtains or drapes to any windows! Curtains and drapes will help to absorb sound in your conference room, even if this is not the intended purpose of the products. As a rule of thumb, typically the thicker the curtain, the better!


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5.)   Acoustic Panels


Acoustic Panels are (obviously) a great choice! After all, they were designed for this purpose specifically. With a variety of sizes and options to choose from, our Acoustic Panels will help to improve both the design, and acoustics of any conference room! 


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For expert advice on improving the acoustics in your conference room, contact one of our Acoustic Specialists!