A Better Choice than Foam for Sound Absorption

Why Choose eco-C-tex™ Over Studio Foam for Sound Absorption?

Traditionally, improving sound in a studio - or any room where quality sound is important - meant installing acoustical foam products. With innovative new, eco-friendly materials such as our eco-C-tex, using studio foam for sound absorption is no longer necessary or even recommended. If you have been looking for foam for sound absorption, what you actually want is a product that will improve the acoustics of your room. Audimute’s environmentally engineered and health safe acoustic panels will perform as well or better that studio foam for sound absorption.

As most professional studios and broadcast facilities have discovered, there are many reasons including:

  • Performance: Audimute’s Acoustic Panels are exceptionally well suited for absorbing mid- and high frequencies (check out our sound lab report)
  • Installation: our clip and corner mount installation hardware can save you up to 50% in time and materials without permanently damaging your walls (they hang much like pictures hang) compared to the adhesives need to permanently install studio foam
  • Durability: Audimute’s panels are made from stable natural and recycled materials and will not deteriorate. Foam for sound absorption, however, often ages poorly and the outer surface of the panels will harden, crack, and turn to dust. Colored foam products will discolor quickly as they are exposed to oxygen and ultraviolet rays.
  • Aesthetics: For studios where design is an issue, Audimute’s acoustical panels are the clear solution. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, including custom options and art panels, our panels offer a design driven solution that is acoustically functional. On the other hand, studio foam—even colored—just looks like foam.
  • Environmental Benefits: All of Audimute’s acoustical products are made from natural and recycled materials, designed with environmental consciousness as well as performance in mind. Choosing our products over studio foam and even other acoustical panels and sheets benefits your studio and the environment.

Audimute Natural Acoustical Products