Customer Reviews: General Office Acoustic Panels

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Audimute General Office Acoustic Panels

Standard Acoustic Panels

"I had some small offices that were very noisy with echoing. Put up 4 panels in each and now they're totally different rooms. The room is nice and quiet."

Peter’s Review of Standard Acoustic Panels

Custom Image Panels

"We purchased muting sound boards for a small conference room we have. We customized our boards with pictures of our work - they turned out great! They look very professional, and make an impact when you walk into the room. Everyone who has seen them has been impressed."

Joana’s Review of Custom Image Panels

Custom Image Panels

"I had custom panels made with our photography to be placed in our office. The Finished product is awesome!"

James’ Review of Custom Image Panels

Designer Acoustic Panels

"We installed six 2'x3' panels in a small office and it greatly reduced echo and noise levels. The panels blend in well with the existing room and don't look too out of place."

Tara’s Review of Designer Acoustic Panels 

Designer Acoustic panels

"We added seven 2'x4' panels to our 15'x19'x9' conference room that has all hard surfaces. The room was very difficult to talk in from the echo, particularly for conference calls. We added the Audimute panels with the decorator fabric to 3 of the 4 walls in the room. Not only do they look nice on the walls, but they completely changed the sound quality of the room. It is now very comfortable to talk in there."

Carrie’s Review of Designer Acoustic Panels

Standard Acoustic Panels

"The product is excellent. The echo in our Lobby has really become less noticeable. The colors that the panels are available in are very up to date and neutral."

Michael’s Review of Standard Acoustic Panels

Standard Acoustic Panels

"We recently added a new office due to expansion and we used sheet rock for the ceiling. All our other offices have ceiling tiles. Although the room had carpet, when you talked you had a pronounced echo. I called Audimute and they were very helpful. With the three panels I ordered, the echo was completely eliminated. Great green product!"

Bill’s Review of Standard Acoustic Panels

Custom Image Panels

"The customized photo panels are absolutely beautiful. The difference in sounds in the office is tremendous. Where before sounds were traveling up the hallway (a sound tunnel), now the sounds are muffled and absorbed. I am completely satisfied with the end product. Thank you for developing such a commodity."

San Juana’s Review of Custom Image Panels