Acoustics for Healthcare Facilities

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Why are good acoustics so important in healthcare facilities?

Patients' rights are of critical importance in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctor offices, dental offices, and health clinics. Of course, privacy is the big issue, but it's no less important to have the ability to share clear and confidential instructions or information without disruption. Many healthcare facilities have found acoustic panels to offer an ideal decorative and functional solution. Panels can communicate information or help create mood, depending on the design needs and requirements of the space where they are to be installed. At the same time, unlike other decorative or printed solutions, acoustic panels reduce echo, reverberation, and unwanted noise passing through from hallways or examination rooms. They improve acoustical clarity, meaning one doesn't need to speak as loud to be heard.

Poor acoustics within healthcare facilities can have negative effects on both the organization’s ability to operate efficiently as well as on the patients’ well-being. Without proper sound absorption, masking and/or blocking, sound travels throughout the facility, reflecting off the diverse types of hard surfaces.

Two of the most important reasons why hospitals should care about good acoustics are the well-being of the patients and the privacy of those patients’ information. Excess noise can hinder a patient’s ability to sleep / rest, resulting in a slower healing process, increased stress and a longer recovery period. In addition to patient health, good acoustical properties will protect a patient’s personal information by preventing voices from carrying to places where they should not be heard. These issues can jeopardize the personal privacy of the patient and can put the organization at risk.

What can Audimute do to help?

We don’t sell your traditional, boring sound solution. We take pride in being able to incorporate our sound solution right into the facility’s décor using a variety of unique styles, shapes, fabric designs and more. These products are made from recycled and safe material and are even available with our HC covering, which allows them to be cleaned with bleach.

If you know that the healthcare facility you work at needs an acoustical makeover, give us a call and speak with one of our experts. We will analyze your situation and can put together a custom solution for your needs at a price you won’t find anywhere else.