Healthcare Interior Design with Audimute

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Healthcare Interior Design is easy with Audimute’s acoustical products. Our acoustic products are a simple solution for enhancing the design and sound in healthcare facilities. 

Hard reflective surfaces are common in healthcare facilities because they are easy to clean and maintain. However, these reflective surfaces create acoustically uncomfortable environments that are not conducive to patient healing.

To keep your healthcare facility sterile and calm, try our HC Acoustic Panels that can be cleaned entirely with bleach. Our Image Panels can also add a playful element to pediatric spaces. In addition to our wall décor products, our Acoustic Clouds can create private spaces in shared patient rooms.

For more information about Healthcare Interior Design, give us a call, 866-505-6883, and one of our specialist will be happy to assist you or check out our Buyer’s Guide for Healthcare Acosutic Treatment for more information.