Reduce Unwanted Sound in Your Home Office

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Acoustic Panels in the Office Create a Professional Acoustic Environment

It doesn't matter if you go to an office every day or if you're a professional working out of a home office, creating a professional acoustic environment with office acoustic panels is a great way to make sure you're heard by the people you're in business to serve: those you call, who attend the webinars or online meetings you hold, and those who make the effort to visit you in your space. Your aesthetic, your branding, your can be integrated into your office acoustic solution.

Standard and Custom Acoustic Solutions

The mid- and high frequencies commonly projected in voices, by office equipment, HVAC systems, printers, etc. are absorbed very effectively by our acoustic panels, thereby reducing unwanted echo and reverberation. The core of our office acoustic panels is eco-C-tex®, our innovative eco-friendly acoustical absorption material made of recycled cotton and cellulose. Audimute's office acoustic panels hang on the wall much like a picture hangs; anyone can do it and it takes just a few minutes. If the panels offered on our site are not quite what you need, we will find a customized solution just for you. Get started with a free room analysis, and our Acoustic Specialists will be in touch to discuss your needs and offer recommendations on how to treat your space.

Acoustic Panels Reviews

"I purchased 6 sound dampening panels for a conference room located in the basement of our office. Prior to installing the panels the room was echoey, it sounded like you were in a cave. Huge difference with the panels up! Also, they are very nice looking."


"We bought 3 panels for our office we are in a 15 *20 space with 2 people and we were looking to reduce the echo, and deaden the sound while talking on the phone. The panels reduced the sound and eliminated the echo while looking great we are considering some image panels."