Customer Reviews: Reception Area Acoustic Panels

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Audimute Reception Area Acoustic Panels

Standard Acoustic Panel Review

"The product is excellent. The echo in our Lobby has really become less noticeable. The colors that the panels are available in are very up to date and neutral."

Steve’s Review of Standard Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Art Panel Review

"The customized photo panels are absolutely beautiful. The difference in sounds in the office is tremendous. Where before sounds were traveling up the hallway (a sound tunnel), now the sounds are muffled and absorbed. I am completely satisfied with the end product. Thank you for developing such a commodity."

San Juana’s Review of Acoustic Art Panels

Acoustic Art Panel Review

"Being in an office with an open concept, the noise level from conversations can be quite distractive at times. We needed a tool to help minimize the volume of conversations so that individuals could work more efficiently. The sound absorption panels are a great way to help cut down on that background noise. It's not a cure-all, by far, but it has helped by muffling some of those distracting sounds. The panels are easy to install and look great. Thank you for a great product. The specialists are extremely knowledgeable about the products, the styles, the sizes and make recommendations as per your needs."

Jane’s Review of Acoustic Art Panels