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Audimute has often been a favorite resource for boutique and custom home professional recording solutions. If you broadcast via web, pod-cast, radio or produce web video, webinars, or recordings our acoustic panels give you a stylish and high performance sound absorption solution. With an NRC 1.0 rating, all eco-friendly and fire-rated materials, our professional quality panels for recording studio treatment of echo, reverberation, flutter, and other acoustic nuisances will take your broadcast or recording to new levels. See how our customers have created their ideal Recoding Studio Treatment solution with our acoustic panels.  

When you choose Audimute panels, you've chosen innovative, high tech products designed and hand assembled in the USA. Forget the older technologies of foam or fiberglass panels which are mass produced and have a negative environmental impact (our eco-C-tex sound absorption material is manufactured with 1/10 the energy of fiberglass and 1/40 that of foam). Plus, when you choose Audimute you get more standard sizes, more options for coatings and coverings, and custom products at a price other's can't match for the quality and level of service. Give us a chance to win your business and make your recording studio or broadcast booth a space you don't want to leave! To get started read through our Buyer's Guide for Recording Studio Treatment for solutions and product recommendations.