Sound Absorption Materials for Professional and Performance Spaces

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Environmental Transformation!

Sound absorption materials reduce the echo and build up of unwanted noise. But that's just the beginning. The addition of acoustic panels will transform the environment you encounter in any space with the following characteristics: hard surfaces, high ceilings, wooden floors, tile floors, mirrors, cement block walls, and open spaces. Why? Because sound waves bounce off hard surfaces, and as more and more sound builds up in a room, the acoustical environment becomes muddy, distracting, or even painfully loud. 

What can you expect?

So what can you expect when installing sound absorption materials in spaces such as dance studios, recreation rooms, gyms, or other physical health and therapy type studios? Here are a few things to look forward to:

  • a significant improvement in sound quality and clarity
  • reduction or elimination of echoes
  • an attractive design solution for wall spaces, including the option of panels for branding, lifestyle, or inspirational messaging
  • the ability to offer the people who use the space a more satisfying and enjoyable experience.

We've worked with hundreds of companies helping them find a unique answer to their questions about sound absorption materials.See how sound absorption materials have helped our customers' create the ideal dance/ exercise studio here.

To get started, read through our Buyer's Guide for Sound Absorption Materials in Dance and Exercise Studio for product and treatment recommendations. Or take 2-3 minutes and fill out our free acoustic analysis form. An acoustic specialist will review your information and call you back within 1 business day to offer personalized advice. This advice is free and no commitment is required.