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Absorption Sheets

Sound Absorption Sheets are not a sound blocking product, but a sound absorption product. You can expect a noticeable improvement in the sound quality of your room due to reduced sound echoes and reverberation. Popular uses for this product include vocal booth construction, band practice spaces, home studios, and many other areas where sound absorbing materials are essential to controlling noise.

Audimute makes room acoustic projects simple using high quality sound absorbing materials that provide the same excellent results as expensive foams, tiles, and panels.  

Standardized Dimensions

Sound Absorption Sheets have an approximate size of 95" x 54" (8' x 4.5') and weighs approximately 10 lbs. You will find three convenient grommets (eyes) on the shorter (4.5′), top and bottom side of each sheet for quick and easy hanging. No other sound absorption product beats the convenience and speed of installation and removal.

Are you looking for a dual solution incorporating sound absorption and sound barrier materials?  Be sure to view isolé, our two-in-one sound  solution sheet. 

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Acoustical Performance The process of determining a product's NRC involves testing its performance across some of the most common frequencies, then averaging the sum of these individual ratings to determine the product's overall NRC.  In general, an NRC of 0 means a product is perfectly reflective, whereas an NRC of 1 means the product is perfectly absorptive. Sound Absorption Sheets have a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.85.   View the sound lab report.
Recycled eco-C-tex™ sound absorption material consists of a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers - the majority of which are post-consumer recycled newspaper and requires an astounding 1/10th of the amount of energy to produce compared to traditional fiberglass. 
non-toxic, non-carcinogenic Safe for your health. - Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, no fiberglass. 
Save time and money This is a high performance sound absorption product.  As such, it works best when in the same enclosed space where sound is being generated. View installation instructions here.  
free room analysis Want to create a sound solution that’s totally unique to your space? We have experienced designers ready to work with you to create your own soundproofing solution. The possibilities are endless with custom images, sizes, shapes, finishings, and framing options. Ready to get the ball rolling? Reach out to one of our Acoustic Specialists - theexperts at creating Sound Experiences Everywhere®