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Poor Conference Room Acoustics?

Conference rooms are a crucial part of most office environments. Whether you’re meeting with a team or conducting conference calls, acoustics are an important aspect of conference rooms. Poor conference room acoustics can lead to unproductive communication, wasted meetings, and frustrating conference calls. Conference rooms are not typically designed with sound in mind, incorporating flat walls and large, hard conference tables. These hard surfaces reflect sound, creating echo and reverberation and leading to issues with sound quality and clarity. Adding acoustic absorption to your conference room will help to limit the amount of sound bouncing throughout your space.

Installing Acoustic Panels can instantly transform the acoustics of your conference room. These soft, acoustically absorptive surfaces with help to absorb sound before it has a chance to bounce throughout your conference room. When treating the walls, it’s a good idea to place panels near face level to effectively absorb vocal sound. For the best results, start by covering roughly 15% of the walls using Acoustic Panels, and work up from here as needed.

If wall treatment isn’t an option, ceiling treatment can help eliminate these annoying sound issues. In conference rooms with high ceilings, suspended absorption options like Acoustic Clouds or Acoustic Baffles will help to reduce echo and lower the acoustic ceiling of a conference room, while flush-mounted ceiling options like Acoustic Ceiling Tiles allow your sound absorption to blend into your space.

Keep Sound In

Are you having issues with unwanted sound entering or exiting your conference room? Sound tends to leak in and out of conference rooms with ease. Effectively blocking sound can be a bit tricky. Doors tend to be a point of weakness in many rooms. This is especially true in offices, where thin, hollow-core doors tend to be commonplace. To start treating a door, it’s important to ensure that the door is appropriately sealed off. Sound can travel anywhere that air can travel, so gaps in a door can be problematic. Using a Door Seal Kit will allow you to seal off your door with ease, ensuring that no air is able to travel through cracks between your door and the frame.

Further limiting sound transmission through doors will involve providing mass and density to the door itself. This can be accomplished by using a product like isolé. isolé measures 34.5” wide by 82” long and includes three metal grommets, allowing it to attach to a door with ease. inside of each isolé is a layer of Peacemaker, a recycled tire rubber sound barrier designed to reduce sound transmission and provide mass. Hanging isolé over your conference room door will help to ensure that sound isn’t easily traveling through the body of your door.

Sound traveling through shared walls can be a bit more difficult to treat. Reducing the amount of sound traveling through a shared wall typically involves some construction. Providing mass and density to a shared wall is key to effectively reducing sound transmission. This can be accomplished by installing a sound barrier, such as Peacemaker, into your shared wall. Peacemaker is designed to be sandwiched between two rigid layers, such as drywall. When treating a shared wall, it’s always a good idea to ensure that shared walls are insulated. Insulation breaks up sound as it travels through a wall, and can assist in the sound blocking process.

Good conference room acoustics can be tough to accomplish. For questions and advice, please feel free to give our Acoustic Specialists a call at (866)505-6883, or fill out our online Room Analysis Form.

Acoustic Image Panels Review

"We purchased muting sound boards for a small conference room we have. We customized our boards with pictures of our work - they turned out great! They look very professional and make an impact when you walk into the room. Everyone who has seen them has been impressed"


Acoustic Panels Reviews

"We added seven 2'x4' panels to our 15'x19'x9' conference room that has all hard surfaces. The room was very difficult to talk in from the echo, particularly for conference calls. We added the Audimute panels with the decorator fabric to 3 of the 4 walls in the room. Not only do they look nice on the walls, but they completely changed the sound quality of the room. It is now very comfortable to talk in there." Sean’s Review of Designer Acoustic Panels "Received our sound panels from Audimute today at Kuno Creative. They made a big difference immediately in our conference room. It made me start calling people up again. The recycled content was a big plus. Thank you."


"I purchased 6 sound dampening panels for a conference room located in the basement of our office. Prior to installing the panels the room was echoey, it sounded like you were in a cave. Huge difference with the panels up! Also, they are very nice looking."