How to Soundproof an Office

office soundproofing

Create a Professional Acoustic Environment

Whether you spend your days in a commercial office setting or from the comfort of your own home office, acoustics can play a big role in your success and productivity. Poor office acoustics can impact conference calls, distract coworkers, and destroy productivity. If you’re experiencing issues with sound in your office, Audimute is here to help. Ensure your office is a productive one with a variety of environmentally-friendly soundproofing options.

Why are acoustics so important in offices?

Offices can be incredibly collaborative settings. With this collaboration, however, comes issues with sound quality and privacy, as well as the possibility of distractions. This is particularly true of large, open offices. Sound absorption will help to control sound throughout your office. Acoustically absorptive materials absorb sound, preventing it from freely bouncing throughout your office. This will help control echo and reverberation, and will limit sound carrying throughout your office. Sound absorption is available in several options.

Acoustic Panels are an easy-to-use solution designed to mount to walls. Our Acoustic Panels have NRC ratings ranging between 0.95 and 1.0, providing excellent sound absorption to any space. With thousands of fabric and size combinations available, there’s an Acoustic Panel to fit every space. With Acoustic Panels, you also have the option of adding an image to your panel, allowing you to personalize your panels to your choosing. When treating the walls of an office, it’s generally a good idea to start with roughly 15-20% wall coverage, and work up from here only as needed. To get the most out of your wall treatment, it’s a good idea to place Acoustic Panels near the primary points of reflection in your office. These points tend to vary based on each space, but in offices, it’s a good idea to place them near face level throughout the office to effectively absorb spoken sound.

For large, open spaces without much treatable wall space, ceiling treatment can be a great option to consider. Audimute provides ceiling treatment options to fit any office. When treating a ceiling in an office, acoustic coverage should start around 25-35% of the ceiling. For subtle sound absorption, Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are the perfect option. Available coated to match any Sherwin-Williams paint color, these options can blend into any existing ceiling.

Suspended absorption can also be a great option. Suspended products can be particularly useful in large spaces with high ceilings. Suspended sound absorption tends to perform better than flush-mounted absorption, as both sides of suspended absorption are exposed to sound. Suspended sound absorption products include Acoustic Clouds and Acoustic Baffles. Acoustic Clouds are designed to suspend horizontally, while Acoustic Baffles are designed to suspend vertically from a ceiling.

For more information about treating an office, please give our Acoustic Specialists a call at 1.866.505.MUTE, or fill out our online Room Analysis Form for personalized acoustic advice.

Acoustic Panels Review

"We recently added a new office due to expansion and we used sheet rock for the ceiling. All our other offices have ceiling tiles. Although the room had carpet, when you talked you had a pronounced echo. I called Audimute and they were very helpful. With the three panels I ordered, the echo was completely eliminated. Great green product!"


Image Acoustic Panels Review

"The customized photo panels are absolutely beautiful. The difference in sounds in the office is tremendous. Where before sounds were traveling up the hallway (a sound tunnel), now the sounds are muffled and absorbed. I am completely satisfied with the end product. Thank you for developing such a commodity."

San Juana