Soundproofing & Noise Reduction for Ceilings

ceiling soundproofing

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Are metal roofs causing too much rowdiness in your home or industrial space? Soundproofing a ceiling can be a lengthy task and chances are you’re soundproofing a ceiling for one of the two following reasons - either you need to get rid of impact noise in the room above or you need to block sound from entering or exiting your space through the ceiling. Regardless of your need for soundproofing a ceiling, there are a couple important decisions you’ll need to make before you begin.

Sound Quality vs. Noise

  1. Sound Quality- Audimute’s Acoustic Ceiling Clouds and Acoustic Ceiling Baffles are the perfect products for treating your ceiling when wall space is limited. Both products are used for any area that is experiencing excess noise and reverberation by helping to control the intensity of sound within the space. Ceiling Clouds help absorb sound waves as they are heading towards the ceiling and when they bounce back. They are great for treating isolated areas where clear sound is crucial. Acoustic Baffles reduce the sound pressure levels and create a fresh and colorful acoustical finish to your space. Acoustic Baffles are especially effective in large spaces with high ceilings.
  2. Impact noise - refers to noise caused by structural vibration or impact.
  3. Airborne noise – refers to all of the other noise you may encounter, whether it comes from your own room or the room above you. Airborne noise can be low, mid or high in pitch - your solution will depend on the frequency and location of the sound you’re looking to control. When it comes to stopping the airborne noise, we recommend speaking to an Acoustic Specialist for personalized solutions.

Treating Metal Roof Noise

When soundproofing a metal roof from unwanted noise, Audimute offers several products that are easily installed and can be customized to your needs.

  • Audimute Ceiling Baffles offer high sound absorbing materials with an NRC rating of .95, are eco-friendly, composed of recycled cotton and cellulose and are handcrafted in the USA.
  • Audimute Ceiling Clouds are the perfect acoustic sound absorption. Ceiling Clouds have an NRC rating of 1.0, are class A fire rated, and have a durable fabric coverage with lightweight frames and are hand-assembled in Cleveland, OH.

If you’re trying to control mid or high frequencies within your space…

soundproofing a ceiling may not be necessary at all. Absorption products were made specifically to absorb mid and high frequencies, so adding Acoustic Panels or Sound Absorption Sheets in your space will often solve your problem (not to mention, save you from the construction of soundproofing a ceiling).

There’s no need to over purchase material if your problem can be solved with less product! Call one of our Acoustic Specialists at 1.866.505.MUTE, chat with us, or fill out our Free Room Analysis Form if you have any questions or would like to receive free acoustic advice.