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Home Soundproofing & Noise Reduction

home living space

Home / Living Space

Your home should be your place of rest, but acoustics problems can make it hard to find any peace. Solve your problems and beautify your home with our decorative home soundproofing, like image or fabric panels.

home office

Home Office

Acoustic panels are the perfect solution for home soundproofing office spaces. Panels absorb voices, high pitched noises, noisy ventilation systems, and more so you can get on with business! Start creating your home office acoustic treatment today.

home Theater

Home Theater

You've invested your time and money into creating the perfect home theater experience-why let it be ruined by acoustics problems? Acoustic panels make the solution so simple.

Apartment soundproofing


With people living below, above, and to the sides of you, it's almost impossible to get some peace and quiet in your apartment. Use Audimute's acoustic products to not only decorate your apartment but also to stop the noise from bouncing off the walls.