Conference Room Acoustics

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Poor Conference Room Acoustics?

Believe it or not, your business's professional image can be negatively affected by bad conference room acoustics. Good acoustics let you deliver your business message clearly and effectively in client meetings, on conference calls, and in corporate discussions. Unfortunately, the flat walls, thin carpets, and large tables of most conference room can create echo and reverberation, leading to overall terrible acoustics. This poor sound quality can make meetings tiring and conference calls muddy, reflecting badly on your company's professional image. To get started with your acoustic treatment, read our Buyer's Guide for Conference Room Acoustic Panels for information about your project!

The Solution: Professional Wall Acoustic Panels

Audimute's wall acoustic panels can instantly and elegantly transform the acoustics of your conference room. Wall acoustic panels allow completely clear and efficient communication, as they absorb sound and reduce confusing reverberations. Ideally, the back wall and one side wall should be treated with acoustically absorptive material. It may not even be necessary to treat the entire wall as long as the critical zone, (normally between 3'-7') is treated with an absorptive material. Read our customers' conference room acoustic panel reviews to see how effective our panels can be.

Office Acoustical Treatments Image Gallery

Audimute lets you upgrade your look as well as your meeting room acoustics. Audimute's wall acoustic panels are available in a wide range of attractive colors and an infinite number of images. We can put anything you desire—images, logos, graphics, you name it—on our wall acoustic panels, for a seamless and beautiful addition to your design as well as your conference room acoustics.