Acoustic Panels vs. Bass Traps

Bass Traps vs. Acoustic Panels

What’s the Difference?

If you’re in the process of looking for sound absorption, chances are you’ve seen the terms “Acoustic Panels” and “Bass Traps” thrown around frequently. The difference between the two isn’t immediately clear. After all, our Bass Traps really are nothing more than a thicker Acoustic Panel.

The main difference between Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps are the frequencies that each effectively treats. Acoustic Panels (1.5" and 2" thick panels) are most effective at absorbing mid to high-frequency noise, while Bass Traps (4" thick panels) are typically better at absorbing low frequencies and bass tones, due to their thickness.

The following charts illustrate the results of acoustic testing of acoustic panels and bass traps.

While both panels and bass traps are perfectly absorptive at high frequencies, Bass Traps are much more effective at treating low frequencies than Acoustic Panels.

NRC of Audimute Acoustic Panels vs. Bass Traps

Installation: Corner vs. Wall

When installing Acoustic Panels or Bass Traps, placement is key. For mid to high frequencies, Acoustic Panels tend to be most effective when installed flush against wall surfaces. Bass Traps, however, tend to be most effective when installed in the corners of the room. This is because bass and low frequencies tend to compound and build in corners. For this method of installation, Audimute offers an easy-to-use Wall Corner Bass Trap Mount.

To view detailed step-by-step installation instructions for both acoustic panels and bass traps, click here: Installation Instructions.