Acoustic Panels vs. Bass Traps: What’s the Difference?

Bass Traps Treat Lower Frequencies

The main difference between acoustic panels and bass traps are the frequencies that each effectively treats. An acoustic panel (or 2” panel) is most effective at eliminating high-frequency noise while treating low-frequency noise problems requires thicker bass traps (4" panels).

The following charts illustrate the results of acoustic testing of acoustic panels and bass traps.

While both panels and bass traps are perfectly absorptive at high frequencies, you can see that bass traps are much more effective at treating low frequencies than acoustic panels.

NRC of Audimute Acoustic Panels vs. Bass Traps

Installation: Corner vs. Wall

Because they treat different frequencies, acoustic panels and bass traps also require different installation methods.  Acoustic panels are typically installed flush against a wall. Traditionally, acoustic panels were affixed to the wall with a heavy-duty adhesive, a permanent installation. However, Aduimute acoustic panels provide an easy-install, temporary panel clip that allows quick installation and easy removal of acoustic panels with minimal damage to the wall.

Bass traps, in contrast, are typically installed in the corners of a room, where bass frequencies tend to collect.  For this method of installation, Audimute offers an easy-to-use corner bass trap mount.

To view detailed step-by-step installation instructions for both acoustic panels and bass traps, click here: Installation Instructions.