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Introducing Audimute's AcoustiColor® Accent Ceiling Baffles

City skyline and wave acoustic baffles

Sound solutions just got edgier. With the launch of our AcoustiColor Accent Ceiling Baffles featuring three new styled edges, you can take your design possibilities in a whole new direction. Whether you're establishing simplicity in your space or looking to make a dramatic statement with your sound solution, these new AcoustiColor Accent Baffles will bring any ceiling to life, according to your design motif.





Bring the City to Life

City skyline and wave acoustic baffles

These individually crafted, non-traditional baffles seek to not only control reverberated sound and reduce unwanted noise, but to also represent a city's iconic skyline. You can take these baffles in a number of design directions.






Make Some Waves

City skyline and wave acoustic baffles

Create a free-flowing feel in your space with these wavy acoustic baffles.

• Hang them in straight lines along your ceiling to create a smooth waved look.


• Hang them in a staggered pattern along your ceiling to create an edgier, boisterous design pattern. 




Think Outside the Box 

City skyline and wave acoustic baffles Turn heads upward by creating a geometric inspired atmosphere with these AcoustiColor Accent polygon-edge Baffles.

• Place the same polygon design on every acoustic baffle you order.


• Mix and match whole rectangle acoustic baffles with these polygon-edge baffles.




Complete your geometric theme by adding Audimute Acoustic Shapes polygon acoustic tiles to your wall.


The best design news yet? As with all of our acoustic solutions, you can match them to any Sherwin Williams paint color with the AcoustiColor® option.


Get in touch with one of our Sound Solution Experts today at (866) 505-MUTE to discuss your unique space, sound issue, and goals for creating a remarkable acoustic experience.



5 Important Things You Need to Know About Noise Reduction Coefficients


It’s one of the most common questions we’re asked here at Audimute. “What exactly is an NRC?”

 Well, in technical terms, it is a scalar representation of the amount of sound energy absorbed upon striking a surface.

I know, that sounds like something you heard from your fifth grade science teacher once upon a time and forgot all about - so what exactly is a noise reduction coefficient? Do NRC ratings really matter? (We’ll give you this one - yes they do!)

I’m here to break it down for you and share with you the 5 most important things you need to know about Noise Reduction Coefficients.

1.) NRCs are an average rating of how much sound an acoustic product can absorb. This rating is important to know because it determines just how much quieter an acoustic product will make your space.


It’s easier to understand if you compare an acoustic panel to a sponge. Like a sponge absorbs water, an acoustic panel absorbs sound and NRCs tell us just how much sound it can soak up.

2.) NRC ratings vary on a scale from 0 to 1. An NRC of 0 means that the acoustic product is perfectly reflective – absorbs no sound, while an NRC of 1 means the acoustic product is perfectly absorptive – absorbs all sound.

The formulas used to find a product’s NRC does not result in a percentage and therefore, values larger than 1 are possible - like our bass traps that have a NRC of 1.15, but we’re not bragging. ;)

If you’re on the hunt for a solution to a noise problem in your space, you’ll want to look for acoustic products with high NRC ratings. The higher the NRC, the more sound the product will soak up.


3.) Thickness & density of a product are two really big factors in determining an NRC.

Here at Audimute we offer acoustic products in varying thicknesses. Thicker, less dense acoustic products absorb more. Thinner, more dense products absorb less.


4.) Acoustic product NRCs are determined using a microphone and fancy equipment that measures sound frequencies.

Well at least ours are. There are a few different ways to determine NRCs. We use the ASTM Standard Test Method for Sound Absorption.


5.) Soundproofing products do not have NRCs.

NRCs apply to absorption products, while STC ratings apply to soundproofing products.

If you’re not an acoustic expert - and we don’t expect you to be, it’s really easy to assume that all acoustic products are ‘soundproofing’ products. Not all acoustic products are created equal. You can learn more about the differences here.

If you’re interested in creating an amazing sound experience in your space with high ranking NRC products, give ourexperienced acoustic specialists a call or fill out a free room analysis form to find the perfect acoustic solution for you!


Audimute Wins Smart Business Magazine’s 2016 World Class Customer Service Award

One Wish LLC


November 15, 2016, Cleveland, OH – Audimute Soundproofing and its parent company, One Wish LLC, are proud to announce our selection as one of Smart Business’s 2016 World Class Customer Service Award recipients. This award distinguishes 25 organizations from 17 Northeast Ohio counties that manifest their commitment to delivering world-class customer service internally and externally.

“Nothing is more important than the customer,” says Mitch Zlotnik, President and Founder of Audimute and One Wish LLC. “Providing remarkable customer service is in our daily conversation at Audimute. How well we serve our customers is how we engage in the success of our business. Our company is unique because we have the opportunity to personally connect with our customers and provide expert advice to find a solution to their sound issue(s).”

Our entire team is committed to creating the ultimate customer journey and we are honored to be recognized for this effort throughout the company.

Audimute Soundproofing is headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio. Audimute specializes in the design and manufacture of eco-friendly solutions for noise abatement and sound control in residential, commercial, and institutional spaces. Since our inception in 2005, we have been solving sound problems in many industries including healthcare, construction, architecture, restaurants, house of worship, recording studios, manufacturing, and education.

The World Class Customer Service awards honors companies for their superior customer service. The award raises awareness of the importance of customer service in the business world, recognizes organizations that demonstrate exceptional customer service and share best practices in customer service from those that do it best.

How a Plastic Bottle Becomes Fabric

How a Plastic Bottle Becomes Fabric


“Green” acoustics. How many times have you heard that? If you work at Audimute, you hear it on a daily basis.

So what exactly is it?

We’ve developed a highly effective eco-friendly alternative to acoustic panels. Our line of eco-C-tex® use 1/10 of the energy required to produce fiberglass and 1/4 of the energy used to create acoustic foam panels.



In fact, we love recycling, being eco-friendly and using raw materials that are naturally better for your interior space! It’s our global responsibility. So it’s only fitting that when it comes to our manufacturing process, we choose our textiles carefully and we share a mutual understanding with our vendors. Guilford of Maine, our acoustic fabrics vendor, takes pride in the fact that 53% of their products are made from 100% recycled materials and 86% of their products contain recycled content in some form or another. Read more about how Guilford of Maine recycles plastic bottled into fabrics here!

We use this high-quality, eco-friendly acoustic fabric to cover our top-selling fabric acoustic tiles and panels. Each product is hand assembled by our production team right here in Beachwood, Ohio to ensure we meet & exceed your expectations.


To learn more about our products, contact one of our Acoustic Specialists!



Inspired by Fall: Update Your Interior With Audimute

Fall inspires

Leaves are turning, fireplaces are burning and squirrels are packing their nuts; it must be Fall, the season of change! Everyone knows that Fall is famous for oversized sweaters, warm colors and let’s be honest, pumpkin spice lattes. But where did these traditions come from? Nature? Pinterest? Food? How about the fashion industry?







We’re giving you an inside look on this season’s hottest fashion colors and how Audimute is styling your space with a twist of color.


From Fashion to Fabrics.

Believe it or not, fashion leads the trends in the season’s and year’s top colors. Whether it’s what color to dye your hair, what flavor of ice cream to order or your color scheme at your wedding – there’s a good chance it was influenced by the fashion industry.

                                         Fashion Color Trends


Fashion designers look at the world, observe Mother Nature, get inspired and transform those observations into a new style trend. The world is constantly changing, therefore, the fashion industry is constantly changing.


From Fabrics to Audimute.

Inspired by Fall fashion trends, Audimute is freshening up its own fabric line! Fresh off the runway, we’re integrating four of this season’s hottest colors and five new designer fabrics.


Designer Fabrics


Modernize any space with the crisp color of green apple and refreshing Lapis blue. Soak up the last of summer’s sun with sunshine and indulge in the warmth of pumpkin. Whatever color you fall in love with, it’ll be sure to add a little pop to your life!


                                                fall colors


Transform your space’s style with Audimute’s new Fall 2016 color line and designer acoustic fabrics. Our fabrics are acoustically transparent, ensuring high acoustic performance and are proudly woven in America from the finest, high quality yar

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    fabrics to Audimute