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Ask Audimute - Blocking The Sounds Of Barking Dogs

Rob B. Asks:

We have a barking dog downstairs in our apt that is left outside a lot. Of course, our windows are cheap. The dog has a middle to high-pitched bark. Suggestions on which product? Thanks

Our Advice:

Since the dog is outside of your window you have a couple of different options. Using our Absorption Sheets can help reduce the amount of sounds entering your apartment. However they were not designed to block sound only to absorb sound, so you will likely need multiple layers.

The best option would most likely be Isolé, which is a two-in-one sound solution that offers not just sound absorption but sound barrier as well. This will be more effective at blocking the sounds of barking dogs, allowing you to get a better nights sleep. One thing to be aware of with isolé™ is its size; if you're window is any wider than 36" isolé will be too small to effectively stop the sound from entering your space. You will either need to use two isolé or use the Absorption Sheets layered.